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Types of Lapel Pins - What to Consider

For those of you out there looking for a great gift for a female friend, the selection of different types of lapel pins are perfect. If you were to look at a person wearing a uniform shirt and tie, chances are they would have a number of different kinds of pins they wear on their lapel to match their clothing. While many of the pins will be generic, you are bound to find ones that go with their specific clothing.

Boutonniere, is a French word not many gents will ever say. It is a gold or silver rose or flower that sits atop the lapel of the jacket. The best place to purchase one of these is probably the up-to-date specialty florist as most fashion stores deal primarily in stains and cottons. Click here to discover more about Art of The Gent.

Some of the pins will be worn with their own ribbon tied around them and other types of pins will be a plain solid color. Either way, when they are put on, they always look nice, no matter how you wear them.

Not all pins are made the same though. A pin set that comes with its own pin and ribbon may also come with matching cufflinks or an accessory such as a belt. This is a great option if you are looking for an accessory that will complement the style of the pin.

Another type of pin is the charm pin, which is a more decorative pin designed to hang around a woman's neck. Some of them will have a button that fits into a pocket that allows her to clip it off the pin. Other pins are simply one long strip of wire. No matter what kind of pin you choose, you can bet that you will be able to find them in styles that will make your gift more unique.

When shopping for different types of lapel pins, make sure to ask a question of the woman you are buying for. If she is wearing something fancy, ask her what type of pin she is wearing and what kind of ribbon is on it. This will help you get a better idea of the quality of the pin and how it will look on her outfit.

Make sure you also ask her if she has any embellishments on her pin. If she does, then make sure you know if you should purchase it or just leave it alone. Many pins have diamonds or other jewels attached to them so you may want to consider buying this instead of giving it as a gift.

When you are shopping for pins, you can find them in any number of sizes. Just make sure you buy ones that are large enough so that they will fit around her neck comfortably.
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